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Getting Started with Tekea DNS
Getting Started with Tekea ENUM

Getting Started with Tekea DNS

1. Sign Up for Tekea DNS

Sign up for Tekea DNS by using our easy-to-use Sign-up Wizard for DNS, and add your domain to our system. Since our DNS service supports both static and dynamic DNS you can also use Tekea DNS if you have a dynamic IP address.

If you don't have your own domain you can either:
  (a) Register a domain by using one of many available domain registrars.
  (b) Choose your own subdomain with any of many our pre-registered domains.

When registering your own domain the registrar will ask for two name servers for the domain. You should type as the primary name server and as the secondary name server. Choosing the second option (subdomain) will not require you to submit any name servers since we are already taking care of that.

2. Transfer your Domain (If you Already Have a Domain)

If you already have a domain and are using DNS from another provider, you will need to modify the name servers at the registrar where the domain was registered. The only modification that should be made is changing the name servers to for primary name server and for secondary name server.

3. Wait for the DNS Update

Once you have made the name server entries at the registrar it may take from a few hours up to some days to update the DNS information based on which registrar that is being used. Meanwhile, you can go ahead to the next step and start managing your domain.

4. Manage your Domain

When you have signed up and paid for the service you can login to your account with your username and password and manage your domain. You can easily set up records for web, email, FTP, and SIP. In case you need detailed information about how this is done, it is available in the help file at the administration pages when you are logged in.

5. Using your Domain

Once you have made all the entries you want and all of the DNS updates have taken place, the domain names are ready to be used, i.e. the symbolic names are translated to IP addresses by the DNS service.

Getting Started with Tekea ENUM

1. Sign Up for Tekea ENUM

Sign up for Tekea ENUM by using our easy-to-use Sign-up Wizard for ENUM. Enter the telephone number(s) and SIP address(es) you want mapped and the required ENUM records will automatically be created for you. Tekea ENUM has support for bulk management, making it easy for you to map multiple telephone numbers.

2. Contact Your Telephone Operator to Have Your Telephone Number Delegated

Once you have signed up and paid for the service, Tekea will take care of mapping your telephone number(s) to the right SIP address(es) in ENUM. However, to make the service operational you will also have to submit Tekea's name servers to the operator that manages your telephone number(s). The name servers are and

3. Using Your Phone Number to Call Your SIP Address

Once you have signed up for Tekea ENUM and your telephone operator has taken care of the delegation of your telephone number(s) to Tekea's name servers, operators and SIP equipment using ENUM will be able to call you at your SIP address(es) using your telephone number(s).

Please note!

Since ENUM is still in a test phase in many countries, all operators do not have routines for handling ENUM.

The speedy introduction of ENUM should be encouraged to allow live Internet communication with good interoperability with the ordinary telephone network (PSTN).

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Tekea Product Sheet
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