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ENUM is a global Internet service, being built up internationally, where anyone can ask if there is a SIP address mapped to a certain telephone number. By asking ENUM, SIP equipment and telephone operators using ENUM will be able to reach your SIP address just knowing your regular telephone number. This will enable SIP users and ordinary
telephone users worldwide to reach your SIP address by dialing regular telephone numbers. And when the call starts in the IP world, it never has to pass the ordinary telephone network (PSTN)!

Tekea will host your entry in the ENUM directory, enabling SIP equipment to reach your SIP client by using regular telephone numbers and without ever having to pass the PSTN. It also gives telephone operators a possibility to route ordinary phone calls to your SIP client.

You can easily manage all your telephone numbers and SIP addresses via our web based interface!

Single Telephone Number

Tekea will host your entry in the ENUM service for a single telephone number, mapping it to a SIP address of your choice.

Multiple Telephone Numbers

This is the option if you have multiple telephone numbers that you want to have mapped to SIP addresses.

Please note!

Your telephone operator (being responsible for your telephone number) needs to ensure that your number is delegated to Tekea's name servers.

However, since ENUM is still in a test phase in many countries, all operators do not have routines for this. The speedy introduction of ENUM should be encouraged to allow live Internet communication with good interoperability with the ordinary telephone network (PSTN).

Click here to see a list of the countries that have started with ENUM.

Websites for national ENUM trials:  

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