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To be globally accessible by your SIP address, the IP address of the SIP server handling your domain must exist in DNS. If you have your own domain name or if you want to use one of Tekea’s pre-registered domains, you should sign up for this service.

Tekea will host all required DNS records for your domain, like the records for email and web, but also NAPTR and SRV records for SIP-based applications. Tekea’s service allows the ordinary user to set up and maintain these DNS records without any expert knowledge. Still, you will be able to edit and change your record details at any time.

Static IP Addresses

This is the option if you have a static IP address, i.e. when you have a permanent address on the Internet, which is the case with many corporate Internet connections.

Dynamic IP Addresses

Tekea DNS also supports dynamic IP addresses, which most private broadband users get from their ISPs. A dynamic DNS client, e.g. in your router or PC, keeps your DNS entry updated when your IP address changes.

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